FCI Standard

FCI Standard

Arab greyhound (Sloughi)
FCI Standard No. 188
group FCI 10 - oriental greyhound
country of origin - Africa
short-haired hound, exhibitions, racing, hunting

General appearance and nature:

Typical oriental greyhound, currently in large numbers kept in Morocco. Fast movement, total nobility, very proud and noble, dedicated to its owner with the need to protect him. Strongly developed hunting instinct. Is able to appreciate the quiet serenity of the dwelling.

Height at the withers:

males 66-72 cm (ideally 70 cm), females 61-68 cm (ideally 65 cm).


for a dog of height at the withers of 70 cm, the body length should be 67-68 cm, for a female with a height at the withers of 65 cm, the body length should be 62-63 cm


uniform, smooth-haired


dog fishing at sight

Head - general description:

in profile the head is elongated, elegant, fine, but rather strong. Seen from above, they form a strongly elongated triangle. The skull is broadest, with the head narrowing towards the nose


has a top line flat, reasonably wide, from 12 to 13 cm from ear to ear. It is clearly rounded at the rear, tapering evenly from the sides. Eyepieces facing forward, frontal furrow only slightly visible. Clear occipital protuberance. Stop lightly marked.


Elongated, triangular, tapering forward, is as long as the skull. The muzzle lines are straight throughout their course. The nose has no bone base, so it falls slightly down.


black, not pointed, clearly developed.


soft, supple, upper overlaps lower jaw, corner is noticeable.


strong jaws, regular, scissor bite, pincer bite accepted.


large, dark, well laid, sometimes a bit cramped, eye expression nice, a little gloomy, like a nostalgic look. When the coat is light, it may be amber.


highly placed, suspended, close fitting, triangular shape with slightly rounded peaks.


long, upside-down, fine leather without dewlap, short coat.


short back, almost horizontal, short and dry loin, bony and sloping croup, chest not too broad, but rather deep, reaching to elbows. Flat arched ribs, visible. Belly and flanks tucked up.


thin, meatless, carried below the back of the body, reaching to the hocks


shoulders long, sloping, strong limbs, forearms bony and muscular. Pasterns and pasterns strong and elastic, feet slightly elongated, claws black or pigmented.


thighs flat, muscular, legs long, muscular, strong, without dewclaws.


stride, trot, gallop - mainly gallop.


very fine, close to the body, not folding or lobe on the neck.


very short, close, fine.


sand, light sand, with or without mask, red sand, sand colour with so called angled, annealed.


light eye, rough head and body, pronounced stop, bad proportions and dorsal line, steep croup, short tail, too feathered, improperly carried, hard coat, small white markings on chest.

Negative defects:

depigmentation on the lips, around the eyes, erect, overturned, too long and folded ears, semi-long coat, larger white markings, undershot, undershot, inadequate colour, cryptorchism, monarchism


Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum