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Litter "E" of Sloughi 14.12.2023

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Litter E

Welcome to breeding station DALVIT

"A home without a dog is just a house"

I found a magnet with this label on the fridge one day. I smiled. At that moment, I was far from appreciating how it was important that my whole family feels the same. A lot has changed in our lives, but the Sloughis have always been there. I could be writing novels about living with the dogs but I could never close up the atmosphere as much as the real interplay and compliance with such wonderful dog companions looks in everyday life.

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E-litter Dalvit
C´Casablanka ag Dalvit x Ibnasch Inaam Mahanajim

4 boys and 1 girl
These little sloughis have the best of both worlds. Sporting spirit and kind beauty combined with calmness.
They all have the genes of champions and I will be overjoyed if they get into sporting families. In case of selection, you will receive a puppy that is ready to share good and bad, joy and sadness with you, will lift your spirits and be be ready to be a good companion and win on the sports fields.
You will find us in the south of Moravia, in an idyllic part of the world with the best wine.
We are ready to answer all your questions, we look forward to cuddling visits.
I would like to add: from the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who supported me in my sporting dream, thank you to my whole family, thank you to my loyal and kind friends and, of course, the biggest thank you to the breeder Sabina and her wonderful Ibnasch.
p.s. I knew from the very beginning that black color was not possible, of course our dogs are tested.
But one likes to believe in miracles! :)






E litter Dalvit

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SLOUGHI and the SEA Sasino 2023

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The year 2023 has been groundbreaking in many ways for our kennel.
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Karel is 2 years old


2023 – start with the new ones

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YEAR 2022

After the covid years, we took the world of exhibitions and racetracks by storm. Karel gradually won one junior champion after another, Casička caught up in the adult classes. Karel could finally pass his license exams and Casička was gaining valuable points on the coursing tracks. The combination of sport with exterior (and especially character) advantages is essential for us, and both of our "running" dogs bring me complete satisfaction, an elixir of happiness.

The end of 2022 was surprising even for us. A small, gentle, determined and eternally well-adjusted ball of furry enthusiasm entered our greyhound family completely unexpectedly a week before Christmas, and I would say that it was more of a coincidence (but a happy coincidence!): Reny z Tiché háje, aka Medunka, Meddie. A beautiful German Spitz/POMERANIAN female.

You can find an overview of several important events on our blog here.


The biggest surprise of 2022!!

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Hound's EUROPE!!

In other words: huge success of SLOUGHI

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Summer 2022

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VACATION at it's finest 😊

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Easter and months after

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Beginning of 2022

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NEWS OF 2021 - „KAREL“!

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„Helen“ - six years old!

Badra Shubah al Warda - more photos in the photogallery.



13.8.2020 "D" litter Dalvit

I wanted to start gloriously: FINALLY !! - after a few days I say quietly, gently, humbly and modestly, with great love - WELCOME, DARLING.


7.6.2020 wow, cool!

That's how my friend reacted when I sent her the first video with Cass
(C´Casablanka ag Dalvit) on coursing. I was so happy. I didn't think so much about a coursing career with my young Sloughi lady, I was always
a "track racer" at heart, but when I was leaving from the last training on the oval crying, it was decided. I would not want to have a third non-running dog, I am probably doing something wrong on our racetrack… for ten years I listen that someone else should let my dog run, how it is fixed on me and therefore it does not run, and I repeat for ten years that sloughi needs a specific approach, extra feel for pulling the bait, the fixation onto the hide is quite given in natural breeds These natural breeds are not stupid, they will not run after plastic. I was pleasantly surprised by the approach of Mr. Oliva and his mistress (www.moravsky-coursing.cz). Even though there was already a hide on their bait, they easily let me add mine, which Cass is used to. And she ran! She flew like the wind! My heart beat with joy, I finally saw it. If we are still a little lucky, I believe that we will follow the footsteps of Akaba (Akaba ag Dalvit), with whom I was able to live a piece of beautiful sports, racing life.
p.s. brother Chabi (C´ Chabte ag Dalvit) also watched his sister - thank you owners for visiting! And I'm looking forward to the boy trying it too :-)
You can see the video on our FB.


25.1.2020 MVP NITRA

25.1.2020 MVP NITRA - C´Casablanka ag Dalvit - V1, CAJC,BOS

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