Breed, Nature of the Sloughi

Breed, Nature of the Sloughi

The Sloughi probably originated in the territory of present-day Morocco, Tunis or Libya. He was probably given to the Orient as a gift to Nubian pharaohs from areas of present-day Asia. VAt that time, however, the Sloughi was different from what we know today. He has reached his present form 7-8 centuries BC.


Dogs that everyone doesn't know

About the Saluki, which are distant relatives of the Sloughi, dog lovers have heard something, but hardly anything about the Sloughi. Yet this breed has lived with the Bedouins in North Africa for thousands of years. Old rock drawings in the Sahara show the dog as it is presented today...


FCI Standard

Typical oriental greyhound, currently in large numbers kept in Morocco. Fast movement, total nobility, very proud and noble, dedicated to its owner with the need to protect him. Strongly developed hunting instinct. Is able to appreciate the quiet serenity of the dwelling...


Present days

This website was created on the occasion of my anniversary. I wanted them for my birthday. All my life revolves around animals, mostly and for the longest time around dogs. I think logically and recap....


News of 2021 - Karel

An emotional cocktail. I was in the most beautiful place in the world to live in with Sloughi. I brought a magical four-legged bundle of happiness, met incredible people, pure characters. I was breathing air that still makes my head spin today.